Thursday, February 25, 2016

CORRECTED New Ohio Report Cards: More than 1/2 of all Charter Grades are Fs. District Grades Drop Too.

I will be posting more details throughout the day on the new state report card data the Ohio Department of Education just released. But the general trends aren't great, especially for charter schools, but also for districts. Then again, it's tough to judge this year's results because they were based on tests we don't administer any more and there are protests, appeals, opt outs and other complications that make dealing with this year's report card uniquely troublesome.

But overall, 53% of charter school grades released today are Fs. More than 70% are Ds and Fs. Meanwhile, more than 60% of district grades are A, B, and C. Though more Fs were given to districts than at any time in the past, with about 21% of district grades being Fs now. Though more than 40% of all district grades are As and Bs. Meanwhile, less than 15% of charter grades are As or Bs.

I need to combine the grades issued last month with these grades to get an overall report card status, but I believe the percentage of Fs will increase for charters after graduation rate grades are factored, while I think the percentage of Fs will drop for districts once those data are included. But stay tuned.

Here's the percentage of grade distribution for the grades released today:

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