Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ding-Dong! DeRolph is Dead.

For 20 years, the Ohio Supreme Court has held that Ohio's dependence upon property taxes to pay for schools makes our system unconstitutional in a case called DeRolph v. State of Ohio. However, earlier today, Gov. John Kasich told school districts that are cut under his budget that going for MORE property tax levies is the answer to their funding woes. Here's what he told the assembled reporters:
“Why don’t they put a levy on? Because if they put a levy on, guess how much of the money goes into the schools? 100%. So that’s the most efficient way.”
In fact, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled four times that property taxes are the least efficient way to pay for schools. But apparently, Kasich knows better.

Never mind that he's willing to cut taxes by $3.1 billion to benefit primarily the most wealthy among us. You're right, Governor. When the Ohio Constitution reads that it's the state's responsibility to develop a "thorough and efficient" system of schools, they really meant only if certain school districts would be willing to pay for them with property taxes.

Now I understand why he's cutting money to 83 percent of rural districts and why he's taking money from districts least able to raise local property taxes and give it to districts that are best able to do so.

He just doesn't care.

Tax cuts for the rich are more important than our state's 1.8 million kids.

My God, I wish it weren't so.


  1. Kasich has given away much of Ohio Revenue through tax breaks for the rich. Now he wants us to bail out his deficits by agreeing to tax ourselves more to make up the difference! Two more things are wrong with this - one reason districts are having financial trouble is because Kasich authorized billions more than taxpayers were ever led to believe he would to his Charters; On top of that, vouchers require public systems are often forced to give charters more money per student than the system gets from the state. That means that they are dipping into the money that the local school boards raised through levies (which would technically be illegal) Above and beyond vouchers, the public schools have to spend money to support the charters in other ways. One system had to buy 3 new school buses and hire drivers to serve charters that had taken money and funds from them. Voucher fairness? if a child goes to a Charter school for a few days and decides to come back to public, the charter keeps 100% of the money! It's all win -win for the charters.

    1. Cindy,

      While I agree with most of your post I do want it to be factually accurate. A school district only gets what the state computes as $6,000 less local share requirement. The charter school will get the total of $6,000 for each pupil but it is prorated when a student does not attend all year.

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